Why you should use Amazon to build your gaming PC.

Thinking of building your own gaming pc? Now is the time with the global chip shortage bottoming out, and GPU prices steadily falling, it seems likely that parts may become more easily accessible (or affordable) online. With that in mind, is it really a good idea to go to Amazon for PC building help? WeContinue reading “Why you should use Amazon to build your gaming PC.”

Gusodor LED Strip Lights Review

I recently purchased a dual set of one of the highest rated LED strip lights on Amazon, branded Gusodor. Now I know it may seem impossible to tell the difference between these brands at first, as most of the product images seem to be exactly the same, but I can tell you from experience thatContinue reading “Gusodor LED Strip Lights Review”

Top #5 Amazon Software Products

For most people, Amazon isn’t the first website that comes to mind for purchasing software as the bulk of software downloads comes from their official websites. However software is still a huge source of revenue for selling on Amazon, enough to warrant an article about the top #5 software products trending on Amazon. #5 AdobeContinue reading “Top #5 Amazon Software Products”